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I remember for a long time how badly I wanted to create with my own hands. I'd spent many years creating on the computer through graphic and web design, but there's something extra special about touching the thing you make.

When we moved to Oregon, I still wasn't sure what my giftings would be. I knew how to crochet, but I hadn't done anything for years. When I re-discovered this craft, I knew I was onto something special and different than all the shawls I had made before. I specialized in crocheting and knitting hats and scarves even designing my own collections.

UPDATE!!!! I'm no longer able to crochet and knit for a living so I turned my attentions over to cardmaking! At FRAA, I have my own rack section where you'll find my handmade cards on sale for $5 ea.

If you're in the area or visiting, visit Florence Regional Arts Alliance (FRAA) at:120 Maple Street, Florence, OR 97439.

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If you're in the Florence Oregon area, stop by the
Florence Regional Arts Center to see my handmade cards! Learn more >>

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