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KimMcDougal Shop is my site that I personally hand pick items for sale from several merchants that I'm affiliated with. Items change periodically on as I always want to provide new content frequently. Purchasing from me is easy, because whatever item you're interested in, when you click it, it will take you to my Etsy shop, my Amazon product page, or one of my third party advertisers. And, if you need additional help, click the pink "contact me" button on the right and I'll do my best to assist. ~ Thank you for your business and support. ~ Kim McDougal, owner
Creating is my Calling.
I learned to crochet with I was 12 years old, however I didn't read patterns nor make many items so I got away from it for years and years. When my hubby and I moved to the West Coast, I was again introduced to crocheting but also other crafts which now has evolved into knitting and paper crafts. 
I opened up my Etsy shop at the request of many of my friends and my hubby encouraging me to sell my items. I am so blessed not only to have Jesus as my Savior, but also the gift of creation too. Creating with my hands is a HUGE blessing for my life. I look forward to making new things everyday. I get such inspiration from other crafters.

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